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Enablers of business success

The Accounting Revolution

Your accounting services at your fingertips. We understand that your focus as a business owner is to run your business. So let us take away your administration burden. You will have the support of a fully-fledged accounting team at a fraction of the cost.

Leveraging Technology

CYL leverages technology to provide a seamless accounting service irrespective of where you are located, but with the personal touch as if your accounting team were down the corridor from you.

Automated Transaction Processing

We have automated transaction processing that makes compilation of your accounts efficient and accurate.


Data enriched reports with financial and non-financial data that is relevant to you, the business owner. Graphic interpretation of trends and analyses that are comprehensive and understandable.


Experienced accountants who will present the key insights of your business’s performance monthly. You will have your very own finance professional interpreting and presenting your business’s financial results.


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